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MAI recommends students to come to class at least 2 times per week. We have a 8 week testing cycle. With a different focus each week, the students earn tips or tapes on their belt for that  weeks curriculum.  

Tuition is paid monthly and the price depends on the program you are in.

Please call today to schedule an appointment with Master JustinTjelmeland 913-642-0022

We have a trained enthusiastic, caring staff and our teaching method is sensitively tailored to meet the needs of individual learning differences.

What are the benefits of taking up Tae Kwon Do?

Contrary to popular stereo typecast belief, Tae-Kwon-Do is not all about kicks and punches, although they do make up the bulk of the physical aspect of training. In addition to achieving physical discipline, Tae-Kwon-Do is also a means of gaining mental discipline, and coming together to be at peace with oneself.

From a physical perspective, Tae-Kwon-Do offers the following...

Speed,Power, Balance,Flexibility,Weight-Control,Self-Defense,Physical Coordination,Alertness, and Stress Relief.

In addition to these physical aspects of Tae-Kwon-Do training, the following mental and spiritual aspects also come in as part of your training and benefits...

Self-Confidence,Self-Control, Concentration, Self-Esteem, Respect, Discipline, Courtesy,  Integrity, Perseverance, and Focus

Tae-Kwon-Do is also an immensely enjoyable family activity. A lot of our students include stay at home mothers and working fathers who learn while their kids are away at school, or alongside their young children after a day's work. It also works as a remarkable stress reliever, and serves as a wonderful bonding activity for the entire family.

What is the Philosophy  behind Tae Kwon Do?

Tae-Kwon-Do is a martial arts form that is over 2000 years old. With it's roots in Korea, rather than promote the use of force, the philosophy of Tae-Kwon-Do embodies the spirit of building a more peaceful world. To achieve this, the very basis begins with the development of the individual. This form of Martial Arts emphasizes on the development of an individual's character, personality, and positive moral and ethical traits. It is upon this basis that individuals possessing positive attitudes and characteristics may achieve the "end goal" - of being at peace with oneself, and the world.

The philosophy of Tae Kwon Do concentrates on developing specific positives aspects of the individual's life - namely Respect, Courtesy, Goodness, Trustworthiness, Loyalty, Humility, Courage, Patience, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control, an Indomitable Spirit and a sense of responsibility to help and respect all forms of life. Not something that comes overnight, the development of each of these characteristics requires dedication, and hard work over a long period of time. Many individuals fail to achieve perfection in all these aspects. However, what matters here is the effort that an individual puts into the all round development of all the physical, mental and spiritual - and which goes on to develop how he or she perceives others, and is perceived by others.

This process doesn't stop at one person - by moulding an individual into a well-rounded and responsible person, the same individual can pass the same philosophy imparted to him or her through the path of Tae-Kwon-Do, to those around him or her, through both personal interaction, and teaching. This contributes as to a means of bonding among people, and a means of Individuals to unite and become a family, for families to in turn come together and form a community, for communities to merge and develop into a nation, and for nations to go on to form what makes up our present-day world.

In the interest of building a more peaceful, serene, and perfect world, Tae Kwon Do starts with one person at a time. It all starts at the Do-Jangs, where groups form, meet, and train together. These develop to form organizations, and large communities with the passing of time, and the evolution of the community. All the way, the primary focus is on developing the positive aspects of all the factors that influence our daily lives.

As we've mentioned before, none of this training is easy. Just as the individual goes through changes while progressing from white belt, through yellow, orange, green, purple, blue, and red through to black belt, and eventually to Master, so also, the transition of coming together as one, as a group, family, community, and a nation is one that requires a lot of perseverance, and patience, while putting aside race, creed, and nationality. In the philosophy of Tae-Kwon-Do, they are all one in the same. Tae Kwon Do reaches toward the total development of the individual and the founding of a peaceful world, irrespective of skin color, religion, or nationality; at the end of the day, we all seek but one thing - Peace. And this can only be achieved if each person can find peace within themselves.

The physical aspects of Te Kwon Do are merely a by-product of Tae Kwon Do. It is the mental and spiritual development of a person which Tae Kwon Do nurtures and helps give birth to. The philosophy of Tae Kwon Do can be attained through the cultivation and maturity of all three aspects of the Art; physical, mental and spiritual, in each individual. Once these three aspects have been instilled in a person, then the manifestation of the process of maturity of the person starts a chain-reaction which helps us all find a way to a more peaceful world.

How do you count in Korean?

1: Hana
2: Dul
3: Set
4: Net
5: Das-et
6: Ya-set
7: Yul-gup
8: Yal-dul
9: Ah-hope

What are some frequently used Korean Terms in Tae Kwon Do?

Attention: Cha-Ryut
Bow: Kyung Neh
Ready: Choon be
Begin/Start: Shi Jack
Stop: Gkoo Man
Return: Ba Ro
Relax: Shi-O
Flag: Kug-Ki-yeh-da-you
Salute the National Flag: Kug-Ki-Yeh Dae-Ha-Yo Kyong-Ney
Master: Sabum Nim