Master Justin Tjelmeland
Master Justin Tjelmeland
6th Degree Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do (Kukkiwon)
4th Degree in Tuk-Kong Millitary Martial Arts
4rd Degree Yong Moo Do (Mixed Martial Arts)
3rd Degree Black Belt in Hap-Ki-Do
Founder of Tjelmeland Moo-Do \Chum-Land - Moo Do\  or Chum-Land’s Martial Art. A Combination of Martial Arts that encompasses only the most practical techniques for that art.

 Master Justin 3 time Consecutive National Champion, three time Junior Olympic Champion, and an International Medalist.  He has to his credit over 30 students who have gone on to win medals in National Events.  Holds a World Record for highest jumping kick. 2008 Hall of Fame Award for excellence in Taekwondo competition.  Awarded top 10 school by the Martial Arts Leaders Group.

Senior Instructor David Popper (Owner of MAI-North) 
3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do --Head Instructor for MAI North-- 
95th & Nall In Overland Park

David began training in 2000 with his family as a way to exercise and have an activity the whole family could enjoy together.  He got hooked on the sport immediately.  David brings his exposure to several different teaching styles to our school and especially enjoys developing the younger students.  In addition to teaching David has been involved as a judge and organizer for several local tournaments.


Master Debi Schultze
Master Debi Schultze
4th Degree (Kukkiwon) Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do

Debi began training and studying Tae Kwon Do in 1999. She has enjoyed being an instructor since 2003. She has competed in two regional tournaments in forms and breaking receiving first and second both times. Debi recently began training in Nunchucks and the Bo. She is an avid student who truly enjoys the challenge of Tae Kwon Do. For Debi, becoming a Black Belt is not a final goal but a path of constant improvement and growth.


Master Frank Basile
4th Degree (Kukkiwon) Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do

Demo Team Captain and Elite Sparring Team Captain

5th Cord (Yellow - Assistant Instructor) in Capoeira
Muay Thai - Judo - Brazilian Jujitsu Weapons - Nunchucks, Bo, Katana, Escrima

Amateur Bodybuilding


Began martial arts training in 1998 and became an instructor in 2000. Has trained and competed in many events across the US as well as Internationally. Helped develop and train the demo team and sparring team for 10 years. Constantly pushing myself and my training to be the best I can be.


 Nicole Boswell
3rd Degree Kukkiwon
Nikki started her TaeKwondo career in 1996 at Iowa State University as part of the Taekwondo club and continued on as a heavy competitor at local tournaments.  She medaled at the 1998 Collegiate National Tournament in the Blackbelt Bantam/Feather class winning the silver in Forms and placing 4th in Sparring. 

Nikki joined Martial Arts Institute after her college career in 2000 and has had a positive presence and influence since then.  She is known for being tough on students, but always gives high praise for those who exhibit the true tenants of a taekwondo martial artist – courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit.

Brad Robbins 
2nd Degree Kukkiwon

Instructor Brad first came through the doors of MAI in 2003 as a spectator, watching his children. Within a year, with encouragement from Master Justin, Brad had left the parents’ bench and was learning Tae Kwon Do himself. He earned his first degree black belt in 2009 and was honored by be chosen as an Instructor in 2010. Besides the overall health benefits, Brad particularly enjoys the self-defense aspects of Tae Kwon Do and has also been studying Yong Moo Do/Tjelmeland-Moo-Do at MAI.

Regan Dunn  
Children's Instructor
1st Degree Kukkiwon

Regan has been training sense May 2008. She has been in two tournaments. She helps out with the kids classes, camps, and testing. She enjoys the community. She is grateful for having mentors to guide her and mentees to teach.   "Taekwondo has improved my life in so many ways. For example Taekwondo has taught me Self discipline, Good work ethic, and Respect that should last me a life time."said Regan. She is aiming to get her 4th degree black belt.

Ryan Mohamadi
3rd Degree Kukkiwon
Ryan started Taekwondo at age of 4 years old. He has matured into a very responsible young man, his goal is to test for his 4th degree Junior Master.

Nicole Batrouny

Emma Rocky

Surendhar Seelam

Noah Jaksetic