Martial Arts Merchandise and when you will need to get it.  
Uniforms: They come in all different styles and Colors.  You are given a uniform Free when you enroll for classes, but its always helpful to have a second one on hand.  All uniforms must be ordered through MAI so as to keep our logo and all uniforms the same.  Any rank can have a 2nd uniform.
Performance Uniform $65    Basic Uniform $45  

Target & Re-breakable Boards: These items are great for training at home, they make practicing out side of class really fun and it also promotes family time!  The students that have purchased these items also typically do better on their exams.  On the re-breakable boards -Yellow is for youth under 8, -Blue is for youth under 12, -Red is for teens and -Black is for adults. 
Any rank may obtain these two items.

Kicking Target $30   Boards $35

Shoes: They are not a must have, but they are nice for the winter season and student that need arch support.  They may not be worn outside at all!  Shoe prices start at around $40 and can go up to $85.  Any rank may own martial art shoes.
Martial Arts Training Shoes

Sparring Gear: Out of our 8 week testing cycle we have 2 weeks dedicated to sparring.  For white belts through high green belts we work on fundamentals of sparring, so having the gear is not a must.  For a basic set the cost is $139, for the entire set $165.  In tournament the full set is required for safety reasons.  MAI highly recommends students either own their own gear or are renting it from the school by the time they reach purple belt.  The sooner the student is used to wearing the gear the better! So you can have gear at any belt level.  
Chest guard   Sparring Gear Set

Other Accessories: These items have been very helpful or are very well liked by other students. 

    Kid Kick $135     Medium Wavemaster $210  Large Wavemaster  Belt Display Starting at $70    Wood Finish Belt Display $70 Head bands $6  Kid Blocker Great for Handmovements