Belt Ranks, Promotions and Testing                            Master Justin Tjelmeland

Belts tests are offered approximately every 6 to 8 weeks. MAI is on a rotating schedule to better each student.  Each week will have a different focus from forms, kicking, tumbling, self defense, sparring and breaking.  Download a copy of the schedule on schedule page of this site.

Master Justin regularly convenes with other Master's and Instructors to discuss each student's progress and if they are ready to test. Areas of skill that are of focus are students' proficiency in Poomse (forms), stances, kicks, power, the length of time since the last test, and their attitude and approach towards Tae Kwon Do since their previous test. Students are not at liberty to decide when they will test; Masters will recommend  eligible students to test for their next rank. Invitations will be extended only when Masters have determined that they are ready to test.  

Belt tests will be affiliated with The World Tae Kwon Do Federation (WTF), and will be conducted under the supervision of Master Justin,  and a Panel of Black Belt Instructors and visiting Masters.

Students will be required to score higher than a predetermined cut off. Upon successful completion of testing requirements, a belt of the next highest rank will be awarded to the student the following week. In the event that the student does not meet the required cut off score, he or she will be permitted to test at the next belt promotion test for no additional fee.

Black Belt testings are only held twice a year and there is plenty preparation leading up to the test.

         Color Belt Rank Order          

White Belt Form: 

Yellow Belt Form:

Orange Belt Form:

Green Belt Form:

High Green Form:

Purple Belt Form:

High Purple Form:

Blue Belt Form:

High Blue Form:

Red Belt Form:

Recommened Black Form: